New App for irrigation management

„SmartRain“ from Bauer for managing and optimizing irrigation systems via Smartphone or tablet.

New service for managing, monitoring and optimization of irrigation systems:

with „SmartRain“, the newly developed GPS-supported application, the Bauer Group sets new standards in irrigation management. Whether on the field, on the farm or at home, the user stays informed about the current status of the machines by regular live-updates and can at any time if necessary intervene into or optimize ongoing processes. The app is available for free for all current smartphones and tablets.

The Bauer Group, which is specialized in irrigation and waste water technology,  takes the next step with their new app „SmartRain“ to reach the mobile devices of the customers and offers a contemporary solution for the monitoring and optimization of irrigation machines. Mit Informationen über den Beregnungsfortschritt, Umsetzungszeitpunkt oder den derzeitigen Status der Anlage, behält der Anwender den Überblick über die Situation. Ärgerliche, möglicherweise durch auftretende Probleme verursachte Wartezeiten, gehören durch verlässliche und schnelle Benachrichtigungen ebenfalls der Vergangenheit an. Diese werden von der Beregnungsmaschine direkt an eine hinterlegte Telefonnummer mittels SMS oder E-Mail gesendet.

But not only the machine itself but also the soil underneath the machine is being monitored. The user has the possibility to enter current data into the system like humidity, composition and type of the soil. This way conclusions regarding efficient irrigation management can be drawn. This portal, which can be accessed via an internet browser, not only offers the user additional data about fields and crops but also detailed operational reports. Satellite maps, showing the current status of all irrigation machines are also among the many freatures of this new software solution. Regarding pivot systems it is also possible to access the control system of the machine: START, STOP, changing precipitation rates of different sectors or moving the machine into the desired parking position as well as some other settings which need to be made every day can be done via the mobile device or the web access.  

Via a team management system different machines and authorizations can be assigned to individual users. Auf diese Weise bekommt jeder Benutzer ausschließlich Informationen zu den ihm zugeteilten Maschinen und kann selbige auch bedienen.

Apart from the smartphone app and the web acces a GPS unit with solar power at the sprinkler trolley is required in order to irrigate the Rainstar with „SmartRain“. In order to irrigate the pivot with „SmartRain“ the control unit  PRO-G mounted directly on the central tower is a requirement. At the moment the RAINSTAR-series, PIVOT-systems as well as pumps can be controlled via „SmartRain”.

When combined with the ECOSTAR 6000 it is even possible to control the Rainstar actively. Exact operating conditions like staring, stopping or changing the retraction speed (or precipitation rates) can be controlled via the app. In the settings menu further functions which are needed in daily life can be changed easily by the push of a button via the app or via the web browser from the PC.

The app is available for iPhone and iPad as well as for all current Android Smartphones and tablets in the App Store or Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free.