BAUER irrigation PIVOT

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Centerstar 9000 Pivot Irrigator

Bauer’s innovative pivot irrigator has been designed to ensure ideal power transmission and consumption, easier installation and comfortable control. The machine requires minimal work input while delivering a high level of irrigation efficiency - even in sloped fields.

  • 7 spans of 6-5/8” diameter pipe by 177 feet    
  • For field size of up to 128 acres 
  • System capacity up to 1230 US gpm
  • Standard height and high design

  • Complete turnkey system including 40’ shipping container
  • Free installation (for first ten pivots)
  • Includes Bauer Premium Tool Kit for pivot set-up
  • Special warranty conditions

Irrigator’s drive tower

The system is made with a wide wheel base and evenly arced trusses for a high degree of stability, even on rough terrain and in high winds. The steel drive tower and truss rods provide high tensile strength and a towable design that is easy to move between fields.

Irrigator’s wheel base/wheels

Comfort tires with galvanized rims protect against corrosion. A retracted hose helps maximize operational safety.

Irrigator's control unit

The control unit is precise and reliable, with a ball-and-socket tower coupling that provides stability on extreme slopes for consistent irrigation. Bauer is the only manufacturer to mount the control lever directly above the swivel point of flexible joints - this prevents torsion in the pipe from putting stress on the system’s controls and helps ensure a long lifespan for the irrigator.

Irrigator’s control mechanism

Irrigator’s control mechanism

The easy-to-use control center includes all of the basic commands needed for automatic operation. The switch cabinet protects against corrosion, even in extreme conditions, for quality you can count on.

Irrigator’s spray nozzle

The irrigator’s spray nozzle program adapts to different crops, soil types and climates to deliver efficient irrigation, even when conditions change.

Are you ready to invest in your operation’s future by irrigating with Bauer? Buy your Centerstar 9000 now.

Need to learn more? Check out our resources on pivot irrigation and why it’s a smart investment, then see what the Centerstar 9000 looks like in action.