Center-pivot irrigation systems move around a central pivot point, creating “crop circles” that are visible from the air.

What is a Pivot Irrigator?

Pivot irrigators, also known as center-pivot or circle irrigators, are rotating machines that water crops using sprinklers. The irrigation method is highly efficient and irrigates crops in a circular area around the system’s pivot point.

Invented in 1946 by Frank Zybach, center-pivot irrigation systems improve water distribution to fields when compared with other common irrigation approaches. Technological advances have helped make these circle irrigators one of the most efficient methods available to producers.

How does pivot irrigation compare to other methods?

Center-pivot irrigators use sophisticated sprinkler setups to coat crops with just the right amount of water—whether you are growing tomatoes, corn, alfalfa or other crops. Furrow irrigation methods, on the other hand, typically create problems with runoff and leave even sandy slopes without an adequate supply of water. Flattening fields prior to planting can help reduce the effects, but the process is labor-intensive and may not solve the problem entirely.

Pivot irrigators like the Centerstar 9000 are able to move easily over slopes to provide consistent crop coverage on flat and undulating landscapes alike.

Pivot irrigation systems move through fields instead of staying stationary and the sprinklers mimic rainfall, enabling nutrient absorption into the soil. Drip irrigation systems, on the other hand, can create pools of water that often lead to salt buildup at the edge of irrigated zones. Gone unchecked, this can lead to increased soil salinity - a serious problem affecting soil fertility.

Pivot irrigators like the Centerstar 9000 are designed for precision and longevity, so you can economically protect your crops against dry periods and drought for years to come. The machines are made from steel, so important components are well protected against damage from rodents - unlike drip systems.

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